Our Services

Our Services

HamroBoli is a platform for content writers, copywriters, copy editors, language editors, language translators and graphic designers to find relevant clients who appreciate good work and do not hesitate to pay good money for high quality work.

We have team of professionals in all the areas we work. Our professional practitioners are trained individuals each with years of work experience. We invite you to use our network to complete your writing, editing, translation and/or designing project.

Content Writing Service

HamroBoli content writers and copywriters are from world over. Their education and work experience groom them to write on a wide variety of subjects. We can take writing projects on all niches including human science/anatomy, social science, fashion and beauty, multimedia, digital market, real estate, law and rights, psychology, social psychology, philosophy, art and culture, medicine, robot science, education, entertainment, animals, plants, you name it!  We have writers that can write scholarly articles and conduct research on your behalf. Our writers can prepare academic journals and case studies if that is what you are looking for. Send us an email or fill our query form with the details.

Copyediting Service

HamroBoli has three full-time copyeditors and is in-network with 10+ editors who take care of style editing, copyediting, language editing, pagination, proofreading, graphic designing, alt-text writing, and all relevant jobs in the publication industry, both online and offline. We are actively working with three publication houses if you need assistance with publishing your books or journals. If you are looking for professional service in the mentioned areas, we are right here at your service, an email or a query form away from you. Please send us a sample article that needs our service mentioning the number of words/pages, name(s) of the author(s), and the targeted audience.

Language Translation Service

HamroBoli has a team of language translators for English to Nepali and English to Hindi translation projects. These translators have years of experience working on an arrey of subjects including law, health, religion, education, and business. You can contact us for bulk projects such as books, journals, case study, and dissertation translation to the translation of short advertisement, announcement, press release, report, application, CV, and the like.  Our network is expanding and we will be offering translation in other languages in the future. To hire our translators, fill the query form and click submit. You can also directly email us with details of your requirements.

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